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Combined Type Salt Spray Test Chamber, Salt Spray Resistance Testing Chamber, Salt Spray Ageing Chamber

Combined Type Salt Spray Test Chamber, Salt Spray Resistance Testing Chamber, Salt Spray Ageing Chamber

    • Combined Type Salt Spray Test Chamber, Salt Spray Resistance Testing Chamber, Salt Spray Ageing Chamber
    • Combined Type Salt Spray Test Chamber, Salt Spray Resistance Testing Chamber, Salt Spray Ageing Chamber
  • Combined Type Salt Spray Test Chamber, Salt Spray Resistance Testing Chamber, Salt Spray Ageing Chamber

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Dongguan
    Brand Name: DahoMeter
    Certification: FCC,ISO
    Model Number: DHL-90E

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: one set
    Price: USD 2399 to 9999 per unit
    Packaging Details: standard exporting wooden package
    Delivery Time: 25 to 30 working days
    Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 300 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Volume: 324L Temperature Input Mode: Touch Screen
    Relative Humidity: 30%-98%R.H Laboratory Temperature: 10~80℃

    Combined Type Salt Spray Test Chamber, Salt Spray Resistance Testing Chamber, Salt Spray Ageing Chamber



    Model DHL-90E
    Volume 324L
    Internal dimension 90×60×60(L×W×H) cm
    External dimension Around 210×125×120(L×W×H) cm
    Weight Around 100㎏
    Maximum force 6KW
    Maximum current 30A


    Power supply condition

    AC 220V single-phase two-wire + protective grounding; allowable voltage fluctuation range ±10%V;

    The allowable frequency fluctuation range is 50±0.5Hz; TN-S mode power supply or TT mode power supply

    The grounding resistance of the protective earth wire is less than 4Ω

    The user is required to configure an air or power switch with corresponding capacity for the equipment at the installation site, and this switch must independently control the use of the equipment

    Performance indicator
    Use environmental conditions

    1. The ambient temperature is 5~30℃, and the relative humidity is ≤85%R.H;

    2. The installation site must be a flat and vibration-free ground;

    3. The equipment should be kept away from heat sources and flammable and explosive materials;

    4. The installation location should not be exposed to direct sunlight, and the indoor air circulation should be maintained;

    5. The equipment installation site needs to be clean, and cannot be installed in dusty places or dust outlets, etc.

    Temperature and humidity range

    Laboratory temperature: 10~80℃

    Pressure tank temperature: RT~63℃

    Relative humidity 30%-98%R.H

    Heating rate

    Laboratory temperature RT→+50℃≤60 min

    Pressure barrel temperature RT→+63℃≤60 min

    Main technical parameters

    Temperature resolution: 0. 1℃

    Temperature uniformity: ±2℃

    Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

    Spray volume (m1/80cm2/h) 1.0~2.0 (collect at least 16 hours, take the average value)

    Spray pressure: 1.00±0.01kgf/cm2

    PH value of potion: neutral 6.0~7.0 acidic 3.0~3.1

    PH value of spray solution: neutral 6.5~7.2 acidic 3.1~3.3

    Control time: 1S ~ 9999H can be set arbitrarily

    Note: The loss of carbon dioxide in the solution during spraying may cause the pH value to change. The following methods can be used, such as heating the solution to above 35°C before putting it into the test equipment, or using fresh boiling water to prepare the solution to reduce the carbon dioxide content in the solution , Can avoid the change of pH value, acid test or copper accelerated salt spray test to ensure the PH value of the spray solution, adjust the PH value of the configuration solution to 2.8~3.0 and check whether the solution and/or solute meet the requirements

    Testing standards

    1.GB/T2423.17-2008/IEC 60068-2-11-1981 Salt spray test method

    2. ASTM.B117-2009 salt spray test

    3.JIS H8502 salt spray test method

    4.GB/T10125-2012/ISO 9227-2006 Salt spray test method

    5.GB-T5170.8-2008 Inspection method of environmental test equipment for electrical and electronic products-salt spray test equipment

    6.GB-T5170.11-2008 Corrosive gas test equipment inspection method

    7.ISO9227 salt spray test

    8.GB-T10587-2006 Technical conditions of salt spray test chamber


    10.GB/T2423.18-2013 cyclic salt spray test method

    Chamber structure

    The test room adopts imported PVC polyethylene board (Taiwan Nanya), thickness 8mm, durable temperature at 85℃.

    The sealing cover of the test chamber adopts imported acrylic plate with a thickness of 6mm

    The reagent replenishment bottle adopts a hidden type with water level detection, which is easy to clean and not easy to break.

    The pressure air barrel adopts SUS304# stainless steel high-pressure resistant barrel with the best heat preservation effect.

    The test material rack adopts a flat indexing rack, which can adjust the angle at will to fall and receive fog on all sides, and place more samples

    The test chamber is sealed by water to ensure that the corrosive gas in the box does not leak

    The control box and the test box are integrated, and the left and right structure is easy to operate

    The water and electricity separation structure is adopted to effectively prevent water from entering the electrical control box and damaging the accessories

    Lid The sealing cover of the test chamber is made of imported acrylic board with a thickness of 6mm, made into a 1000-angle sealing cover at the top, which can effectively prevent condensation and water droplets on the surface of the sample from affecting the test results
    Control Panel Imported touch screen temperature and humidity controller, pressure gauge, power switch.
    Power distribution control cabinet Water solenoid valve, spray solenoid valve, demister solenoid valve, switchboard, cooling fan, compressor, condenser, humidifier, overtemperature protector, air saturation pressure tank, spray regulating valve
    Heating system Air heating method, titanium alloy heating tube, 316L corrosion-resistant electric heating plate, P.I.D control heating to achieve temperature balance
    Water replenishment system

    1. Water storage tank and pressure bucket water replenishment: manual and automatic water replenishment control systems, which can be connected to the tap water pipe to automatically control water replenishment or manual water replenishment, which is convenient to use;

    Note: If the tap water has too much impurities or has acidity and alkalinity, a filter should be installed at the water inlet

    2.Potion replenishment: adopt hidden large water tank, manual replenishment method

    Drainage system Drain valve control device, manual drain mode
    Spray system

    Adopt Bernut's principle to absorb salt water and then atomize, the degree of atomization is uniform

    No blocking of crystallization phenomenon can ensure the standard of continuous testing

    Nozzle made of special glass

    Adjustable taper spray tower can effectively disperse spray to ensure uniform spray and control spray volume

    Spray method Continuous, discontinuous
    Humidification system

    1. Water level control adopts mechanical float control to prevent electronic misoperation

    2. The water supply system adopts an automatic water supplement system, which is suitable for continuous operation of the machine for a long time.

    Dehumidification system France TECUMSEH 1 set of fully enclosed high-power compressor, all-copper condenser, nano anticorrosive coating evaporator, nano anticorrosive coating turbofan.
    Air supply system The spray pressure is adjusted in two stages at 1kg/cm2, the first time the compressed air is adjusted to 2kg/cm2 into the saturated barrel for heating, the second time is adjusted to 1kg/cm2 spray pressure
    Fog exhaust system

    1. Fully automatic pressure balance and mist discharge device, only need to connect the mist discharge pipe, and automatically discharge the mist according to the pressure in the box

    2. Manual defogging button switch, just click this button before opening the test chamber cover to quickly remove indoor fog

    Note: The mist exhaust pipe of the machine must be extended to an open outdoor area, and it must be avoided to be close to corrosive materials to avoid the mist from the machine to corrode other materials; the extension pipe of mist must not have wavy and discounted places to avoid condensation in the mist exhaust pipe Blocking the mist exhaust pipe, can not effectively discharge the exhaust gas

    Electrical control system
    Temperature and humidity controller

    1. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, graphical operation interface, high-resolution display, menu-style command structure. Users can autonomously carry out programming settings according to their own needs or standard requirements, so that the test box can automatically complete some required environmental conditions and some cycle series standard requirements, which reflects the humanization and automation to the greatest extent .

    2. On the operation interface, customers can program independently and modify the set parameters. And it can monitor the test steps, test time, test temperature, test humidity, cycle times, saturated barrel temperature and other related test data in real time, all directly displayed in digital form on the operation interface

    3. With fixed-point and programmable execution functions, appointment activation, cold and hot boot slope setting, operating parameters can be selected

    4. English screen display.

    5. Various safety alarm control systems: low water level, over temperature, overload, etc., with additional warning lights.

    6. Temperature and humidity chart display: The actual temperature and humidity in the box are shown graphically, and compared with the user's set value at the same time, it can help find out the test error.

    7. Multiple safety protection systems; low water level and overheating alarm, box temperature thermal protection, etc., can ensure that the test box is not damaged.

    Temperature input mode Touch screen
    Temperature display Can display temperature set value, actual temperature value
    Timing system Unit: second, minute, ten, hour, ten hours can be switched, the maximum timing is 9999 hours, the minimum timing is 1 second
    Timing setting method Touch input
    Operation mode Fixed value operation, program operation
    Temperature measuring body PT100 platinum resistance
    Temperature control method Anti-integral saturation PID, BTC balance temperature control mode (temperature test equipment)
    Safety protection device
    Test Chamber Extreme over temperature protection
    Saturation bucket Extreme over-temperature protection, water shortage protection
    Heating system Dry heating of heating pipe, abnormal water supply
    Power supply Leakage protection, overload and short circuit protection
    Storage environment requirements The ambient temperature of the equipment should be kept within 0℃~+35℃
    Installation site requirements The distance between the left and right and rear side panels of the test chamber shall not be less than 600mm from the wall, and the distance between the front and the wall shall not be less than 800mm. When the equipment is transported, whether it can enter the door or passage, elevator, etc., so as not to affect the progress of your company.



    Combined Type Salt Spray Test Chamber, Salt Spray Resistance Testing Chamber, Salt Spray Ageing Chamber

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