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Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5

Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5

    • Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5
    • Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5
    • Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5
    • Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5
    • Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5
    • Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5
  • Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Dongguan
    Brand Name: DahoMeter
    Certification: CE, FCC
    Model Number: WDW-5

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: one set
    Price: USD999 to 3999 per unit
    Packaging Details: standard exporting wooden package
    Delivery Time: In stock
    Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 300 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Max. Load: 5KN Powder Supply: 220V.AC/ 50HZ; 110V.AC/60HZ
    Accessories: 1 Power Cord; 1 Test Software Program CD; 1 Data Cable; 1 Manual; 1 Certificate Control Method: Computer Control
    Load Accuracy: 1 Class Structure: Three Double Rail Structure

    Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5





    It is applicable for wide range of material for tension, compression, bending, shearing and low cycle test. Suitable for metal, rubber, plastic, spring, textile, and components testing.

    It is widely used in the corresponding industries, research and development, test institutes and training centers etc.



    ASTM, ISO, DIN, GB and other international standards.


    3.Main Technical Parameters:

    Brand HongTuo
    Model WDW-
    -005 -01 -02 -05 -1 -2 -5 -10
    Capacity KN 0.05kN 0.1 kN 0.2 kN 0.5kN 1 kN 2kN 5kN 10KN
    KG 5kg 10kg 20kg 50kg 100kg 200kg 500kg 1000kg
    Structure Double rail structure Three double rail structure
    Unit switching G,Kg,lb,N,KN
    Displacement unit switching Inch cm mm
    Test machine level 0.5class

    Effective force range


    Force accuracy Within ±0.5%
    Force decomposition 1/200 000
    Force Power magnification X1,X2,X5,X10,X20,X50,X100.,etc.Seven-speed automatic shifting
    Displacement resolution 0.05mm
    Displacement accuracy Within ±0.5%
    Deformation measurement range 2%~100%FS
    Deformation indication accuracy Within ±0.5%
    Large deformation measurement range (0~800)mm
    Large deformation resolution 0.05mm
    Large deformation indication error limit Within ±5%
    Maximum test speed 500mm/min;optional maximum 1000mm/min
    Minimum test speed


    Speed accuracy

    Within ±0.5%

    Beam travel

    Measuring height

    standard No grip testing stroke:920mm
    optional No grip testing stroke:1320mm
    Fixture configuration One set of tensile grip;can choose other grips
    Returning method Manual or automatic selection, automatically return after the test ends or manually return to the initial position
    Stop method 1.Maximum break value automatically stop 2.Upper and lower limit safety setting stop
    Safety devices 1.Mechanical limit switch protection 2.Emergency stop switch emergency brake
    Overload protection Over 10% of maximum load, automatic machine protection
    Accessories 1 power cord; 1 test software program CD; 1 data cable; 1 manual; 1 certificate
    Optional accessories Three double rail structure; anti-splash device (protective door); computer; printer; small deformation metal extensometer, large deformation displacement tracker
    Powder supply  220V/ AC/ 50HZ; 110V.AC/60HZ
    Main host size/ weight

    Standard model:Length*Width*Height:450mm*400mm*1160mm / Around 50KG

    Heightening model:Length*Width*Height:450mm*400mm*1550mm / Around 55KG

    Packing size / weight

    Standard model:Length*Width*Height:550mm*500mm*1400mm / Around 73KG

    Heightening model:Length*Width*Height:550mm*500mm*1800mm / Around 78KG


    4.Main Unit Feature:
    4.1.Adopt single column structure, lower for tensile, upper for compression, double space.

    The beam is stepless lifting, light but rigid.
    4.2.Adopting ball screw drive, realize no clearance transmission,make sure the precision control of

    the test force and deformation speed.
    4.3.The photoelectric encoder is the displacement sensor, with high resolution, strong

    anti-interference ability.
    4.4.The shiel plate with limit mechanism used to control the beam moving range, in order to avoid

    sensor damaged due to the moving distance is too large.
    4.5.The table, moving beams is made of high quality precision machining steel plate, not only

    reduce the vibration generated by specimen fracture, but also improve the stiffness.
    4.6.The motor tail is upwards, above the work surface, this design makes the main unit lower space

    narrowing, the whole machine is more coordinating, and more easy to spread out the heat

    generated by the motor rotation, extend electrical components life.
    4.7.Three columns of mandatory orientation, make the main unit rigidity much improved, to further

    ensure the repeatability of measurement.
    4.8.Adopt bolt type grip installation, make the grip replace easier.


    5.Software Function:

    5.1.Defined function: according to different types of users, different material properties, different

    test standards,different languages,flexible setting the test program to meet the test requirements.

    5.2.Input Function: Entry specimen parameters before the test, you can single input sample

    parameter, you can also batch input sample parameters, you can modify the sample parameters

    before the test, the specimen parameters can be modified after the test, fully satisfy your

    operating habits.

    5.3.Data processing query functions: fully equipped data query function, print function, the export

    function to ensure the accuracy of the test data, reliability, real embody and reflect the nature

    and characteristics of the material test data.

    5.4.Curve analysis function: All the material properties can be reflected by the data curve, so the

    powerful data curve analysis function can help you better mastery and understanding of the

    material test properties, which is your best helper to analyze the material.


    6. Software Features:

    6.1.Auto zero clearing: After starting test, the system auto zero clearing.

    6.2.Auto calibration: system can automatically realize the value accuracy of the calibration.

    6.3.Auto return: finish test, the cross beam will auto return to the starting position.

    6.4.Auto gear shifting (when choose classify gear test): According to the load size automatically

    switch to the appropriate range, to ensure the accuracy of the test data.

    6.5.Auto speed changing: The cross beam moving speed can auto changing during the test process

    according to the preset program, also can manual change.

    6.6.Auto saving: adopting the the database management way, the test data and curve automatically

    saved after the test.

    6.7.Auto calculating: when finish test, automatic calculate elastic modulus, yield strength and the

    non-proportional elongation stress, etc (Different test method, different analysis date.), can auto

    analyze, also be artificial correction analysis results, improve the accuracy of the analysis.

    6.8.Display way: Dynamic display of data and curves with the testing process.

    6.9.Result comparison: Multiple test curve can use different color superposition, reappear, enlarge,

    presenting comparison of a set of sample.

    6.10.Curve choice:can choose Stress - strain, force - displacement, force - time, force-deformation,

    displacement - time, and other curves to display and print; Can switch at any time to observe,

    zoom in and zoom out, horizontal or vertical movement, real-time high speed sampling.

    6.11.Test standard: Integrated with about 40 kinds of national standard or test method, can meet the

    various test need of customers.

    6.12.Test report: According to user required format, using EXCEL to compile reports and print bulk


    6.13.Limit protection: with mechanical and programmable two level limit protection function.

    6.14.Overload protection: with two grade overload protection.Cross beam moving overload: when

    the load exceeds 0.2-0.5% of the maximum value of the scale, automatic stop.

    Test overload: when the load exceeds 2-5% maximum value of the each file, automatic stop.

    6.15.Other protection: with overload, over current, over voltage, the displacement upper and lower

    limit and emergency stop protection function.


    Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5Plastic Compression Testing Machine , Compression Tester Machine WDW-5

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